Honey Ginger Glaze/Marinade

Honey Ginger Glaze/Marinade
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HONEY GINGER GLAZE / MARINADE:  Is becoming one of our best selling blends. This sauce is an original concept conceived in our own kitchen. While hunting for the right flavors to use on a wide variety of foods, we came up with ginger and honey. We heat the honey, ginger, and other ingredients to nearly 200 degrees and simmer just long enough to perfectly blend all the flavors. Marinate your favorite cuts of pork or chicken in the fridge then grill or bake them in the oven. This blend is excellent on oven roasted or grilled turkey or salmon fillets with a little fresh dill. Combine a tablespoon or two with an equal amount of olive oil in your wok and stir fry some veggies for a great tasting vegetable dish, serve over wild or white rice.         


12 oz.


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